A Winter Sailing Tradition Continues

2081999408_3bb10a3568.jpgSo remember that winter sailing trip Tim and I took in 2004? And the similar one we took in 2005? Well, we did it again this year. We decided to deviate from the OSSPMC (Off-Season, Semi-Permeable Micro Cruising) moniker. This year we called it Mitten Roasting, Authority Summonsing Sailing Expedition. The name tells you most of the important parts, but the rest of the story includes 30+ kts in Buzzards Bay, temps below 20 degrees, and lots of laughter. (Especially when one of us spoke the forbidden word: cold.)

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28 Responses to “A Winter Sailing Tradition Continues”

  1. B Says:

    Glad to see there are still a few TRUE MANLY MEN out there in the world.