RSS and Why you should care.

rss-icon.jpgAlright friends. I know you’ve seen this orange radar symbol before. It’s called RSS and it’s one of RSH’s favorite things online. Here’s why.

See the post just below this one? Less than an hour after I posted that story I my old friend Tony was on the site. Does this mean Tony (last seen in person 3+ years ago) sits at home refreshing waiting for updates? Probably not. That orange symbol is the answer.

If you don’t know what RSS is, come watch a 2 minute video that will probably change the way you use the internet.

8 Responses to “RSS and Why you should care.”

  1. Rush Says:

    It’s not my fault! went offline within minutes of this post. (Maybe you all really ARE using RSS after all?)

    If you the video I talked about isn’t visible above this comment, it’s not RSS’s (or RSH’s) fault.

    Come back soon and maybe YouTube will be up again.

  2. JRR IV Says:

    Are you compensated in anyway for plugging these products Rush?

  3. Rush Says:

    Compensated? Only in ‘thank yous.’

  4. B. Says:

    No video? Tried to watch at 11/26/2007 9:51 a.m….But I guess you know (RSS) that.

  5. Rush's mom Says:

    Thank you! I was going to add that very question to my Christmas Tech-time Wish List.

  6. Maya Says:

    Discovered this awhile ago and it’s brilliant!