Three Of Us In a Boat

Twenty two years ago my parents bought a Boston Whaler for the family to enjoy at our home in California.  Growing up, that Whaler went with us to Catalina and the rest of the Channel Islands.  It has towed my dad and me on waterskis, rescued runaway boats and docks, and been the stalwart tender for the whole family.

And now, a third generation of Hambletons gets to enjoy it because it’s with us here in Mystic.  Lots of pics after the jump.  With my parents enjoying Kairos, the Boston Whaler Katherine and I grew up with started to see less and less use.  About a month ago, my parents offered to loan it to me and the search began for a reliable way to get the boat across the country.  Here’s how we finally did it:

That’s the Whaler, as I first saw it, on top of the car carrier that brought it 3,000 miles from Ventura, CA to Mystic, CT.

Getting it up there took the attention of a first-rate Russian truck driver and my parents’ most trusted helper Ricardo (no relation) and the grunt of an auspiciously-sourced Jeep.

Here’s what it looked like getting it off the truck.

Did I mention that it was a tight fit?

But since it arrived kind of dirty…

…River and I had a little cleaning project.  (If you like that picture, check out this one, too.)

And eventually…

We’re on the water!  (He was more relaxed later on.)

And the boat gets settled in its New England home.

Special thanks to Mom and Dad, Ricardo, Oscar, and Johnny Freedisco (for the lifejacket!)

More adventures/pictures to come!

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