I’m Dreaming of a Quiet Christmas…

The very day that I turned in my final assignment for forecasting class, I turned my attention toward the most important forecast around:  the date that little Hambletiny leaves Sarah’s Hambletummy and joins us.

I did a little research about the distribution of childbirth gestation dates to find out just how likely a pre-Christmas “baby present” might be.  The answer?  someplace less than 10%.

Here’s the raw data:

Week # % of births
37 6% <– Christmas Week
38 14%
39 22%
40 32%
41 15%
42 3%
43 0

So it looks like it’ll probably be a white quiet Christmas for us… …all the more time to get ready!

32 Responses to “I’m Dreaming of a Quiet Christmas…”

  1. Grammy & Grampy Dunbar Says:

    We’re ready whenever Tiny is!!

  2. jess Says:


    Do you think your daddy is excited? 🙂 I do. And so are we. Take your time little guy!
    xoxo Jess

  3. Rush Says:


  4. Aunt Kath Says:

    so, what else can you deduct from this distribution? any other delivery date predictions? what about financial implications? and what about a telephone tree? do we have one of those set up yet?

    Some other details… new camera purchased yet? hospital bag ready to go? routes mapped, remapped and programmed into the GPS? what if it is snowing? car gassed up? we aren’t taking the Vespa, are we? (although that might be a good picture…)

    Last but not least, do we have a “push prize” in hand?