Teaching – one month later

Last week I posted a picture demonstrating how many days I have been a teacher.   Since making the decision to be a teacher I’ve been happily in the trenches with my four sections of algebra (one 7th, two 8th and one 9th grade).  And the conclusion?

I wish I had done it long ago.

Which is not because it’s easy work and I’m done at 3PM (Neither of those myths are true.)  Nor is it because I am adored by my students.  (They are still trying to figure me out  – and if they do end up adoring me then I’ve probably been too kind.  That’s not what I’m hoping for.)

It’s been great because I feel like I’m making a difference in one of the most supportive environments I’ve ever enjoyed.  I also love that each day is a chance to do a little better (I’m channeling my inner Tim Harford here) and what I teach is really important.

It’s also very time consuming, which is why I haven’t posted much recently and why I am forced to end this post now (on a Saturday night!) to get to work for next week.

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