River’s New Wheels

4509246934_5d7f08e296_bMany of you have wondered what we were going to do when River outgrew his sling.  Today we have a partial answer: a bike.

Several months ago while visiting Sarah’s parents in Hingham, MA, we saw a mom pedaling a bike with the coolest child seat – one that holds the kiddo in front of the rider.  As soon as I saw it, I knew we’d have a hard time avoiding this most necessary purchase.

It turns out the seat is called a Bobike. It’s Dutch, and competes with one called the iBert.  We ordered ours through Dutch Bike Company, a specialty bike store in Somerville that’s all about this kind of thing. Meanwhile, I went hunting for the ideal bike.

That, I was lucky to find at Menotomy bikes in the basement of an antique warehouse where they have hundreds of old bikes, all reasonable fixed up, very reasonably priced, and sold with a warranty.
My find: a black 1962 “Humber” step through, 3-speed bike.

Combine the seat, bike, a rider and passenger, and here’s what you get:

(Jaguar, sunglasses & helmet – not included)

River on his Bike Perch

He’s singing.  I think.

So far, we’ve had the bike for a little less than month and we’ve covered nearly a hundred miles together.  We still have a way to go until I’m as cool as this guy, however.

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