Seeks Someone To Actually Do It

01-broken-wheel-07-02-07-thumbnailMany of you have heard me talk about a some-day-web-venture called  It’s a little project I’ve wanted to start for some time.  Here’s the synopsis:

  • Each week on the website, we outline a test we plan to execute over the weekend. One favorite example:  we buy a child’s stroller at a yard sale, attach it to the back of a car and strap 15 lbs of sand in the seat.  Then we drive at 75 MPH until something goes wrong.
  • Web visitors can forecast by multiple choice what they think will go wrong.  (i.e. Will the hub get too hot, melt and release the wheel?  Will the attachment point to the car fail?  Will the stroller speed wobbles and capsize?)
  • After we’ve collected everyone’s forecasts, we’ll execute the test and film the results, narrated by an engaging and hilarious commentator.
  • When we show the video, it’ll be edited so the viewer enjoys the commentary, and juuust before the mayhem ensues, we cut to a 15-second word from our $spon$or before returning to the video and the charismatic ending.

Think of it as Mythbusters meets WillItBlend meets Jackass’ Johnny Knoxville.

But here’s the catch:  I don’t have time to execute this money and laughter making idea. Do you?  Do you know someone who does?  Have them give me a call.

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