A Hambletiny Little Update

By popular demand, a 28 week belly shot!

10 Responses to “A Hambletiny Little Update”

  1. Sarahnothambleton Says:

    Am I really the first person to comment on this? I think your faithful readers have begun slacking since your posts have slowed…
    Sarah looks ADORABLE and I hope she and you and Little Hambletiny are doing AWESOME!!

    PS My brother set his wedding date (next Nov), but it’ll be in NJ…you and I should talk business…. 😛

  2. pam Says:

    Sarah – you brought a tear to my eye! You look so cute and so happy.

  3. mom Says:

    Finally, the long-awaited photo! Thank you!! It was worth the wait – but “tiny”? Uh oh, I’m thinking NOT!

  4. Erin Says:

    You look beautiful. Welcome to the 3rd trimester!

  5. debbie mclellan Says:


    Side ways you look like Grampa Smith. You look great. Happy Birthday.

    love Debbie

  6. Lauren Says:


  7. Anna at Hank & Willie Says:

    Okay, but we need them more REGULARLY now, especially as you get closer to the finish line! 🙂

  8. Valerie Says:

    You look terrific! I hope you are feeling as well as you look. Can’t wait to read with Hambletiny!