Semi- Snowy
Permeable Precipitation

Last year on this same weekend, Tim found an outlet for my interest in being "slightly uncomfortable" by inviting me to cruise with him on his Beetle Cat. (Californian readers might appreciate learning about the Beetle Cat before going too much further.)

This year we turned the trip into a tradition, renaming it slightly (see left) and changing our cruise track a little.


The gear is a big part of the fun. While packing for the weekend, Sarah pointed out that I had filled the same bag I used on our 8-day honeymoon and a second bag.
Tim believes in being prepared, too.
Tim, carrying our auxilliary power source and lifejackets wearable life rafts.
Tim's boat was in Squeteague Harbor, just inside Megansett so we drove to the beach and filled a convenient little orange dock cart that we found there. It didn't have wheels, but it served the purpose of getting us to the mooring.
There's a gap in the photos here because the seas were not as tranquil as depicted in the previous picture. When we left the harbour it was gusting into the 20's which made the boat wet and unfriendly to camera action. We sailed south to West Falmouth, entered the little channel there on an exhilarating high-speed run before tying up at the public dock.
It was only 4:30 in the afternoon, a little early to go to dinner as planned, so we tried to entertain ourselves at the library (closed!) before relaxing on the front porch of a funeral parlor.
Then we went to dinner at a place called Chappy's. This picture has more meaning to Tim than anyone else. (Click image to enlarge)
After dinner we went back to the boat and sailed it around the corner where we had discovered a lone dock tied in the middle of the cove. We put a tarp over the Beetle Cat's boom to make a tent and watched Will Smith's Hitch on my phone before Tim went to sleep looking like this:
..and I looked like this, in my hammock, tied to the rails of one of the two gangplanks left on the dock.
When I woke up, this is what I could see from my hammock perch.
These are the nearest neighbors. They didn't seem to notice or care that we were camping outside their house.
Tim shaking the snow from the "tent."
The morning scene.
Almost ready to sail
Then we sailed back to North Falmouth. This trip was a lot easier with no more than 8 kts of wind with light snow.
That's it! And next year's OSSPMC trip is already on my calendar. Thanks Tim!