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Publisher: SUZUKI (October 1, 1999)

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The fascinating recorder repertoire within the Suzuki Recorder institution has been rigorously chosen by way of Katherine White, in response to the rules and instructions of Dr. Suzuki's philosophy. Titles: One chicken, edition A (Based on a Kodály topic) * One chook, version B (Based on a Kodály subject matter) * Now We Sing (K. White) * Mary Had a bit Lamb (Folk tune) * Suo Gan (Folk music) * Daddy lengthy Legs (Kodály Melody) * One poultry, edition C (Based on a Kodály topic) * Cuckoo (Folk track) * French kid's music (Folk tune) * The Finch (Based on a Kodály subject) * Mary Had a bit Lamb (G significant) (Folk music) * Clair de Lune (J. B. Lully) * The Honeybee (Folk track) * Twinkle, Twinkle, Little superstar: subject matter (Folk tune) * Twinkle, Twinkle, Little megastar: edition (Shinichi Suzuki) * move inform Aunt Rhody (Folk music) * One chicken, edition D (Based on a Kodály subject matter) * the simplest of instances (Folk tune) * Allegro (Shinichi Suzuki) * Clouds (Folk tune) * see you later to iciness (Folk track) * Clown Dance (Folk music) * Swedish Dance (Folk music) * A Tiny wooded area chicken (Folk tune) * My Little Boat (Folk music) * The Turtle Dove (Folk music) * Hungarian Dance (Folk music) * Hansel and Gretel (Folk music) * Dream, little ones, Dream (Folk tune) * Little guy within the Woods (Folk track) * Are You slumbering? (Folk tune) * Kings' teenagers (Folk music) * Come gorgeous might (W. A. Mozart) * Tonalization * Fingering Chart.


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