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Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 216

Publisher: McFarland (October 13, 2014)

ISBN: 0786494387

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An leading edge writer of verse romance, Chr├ętien de Troyes wrote in northern France among 1170 and 1190. Credited with the 1st Arthurian romance, he composed 5 works set in King Arthur's court docket, culminating with an unfinished masterpiece, the Conte del Graal (Story of the Grail). this article is the 1st to say the dinner party serving dish that grew to become the Holy Grail in early efforts to rewrite or whole the textual content. This e-book specializes in the Conte's narrative depiction of mirrors genuine and metaphorical: shining armor, a elegant golden eagle, the Grail itself, St. Paul's enigmatic having a look glass, the blood drops in snow within which Perceval sees the face of his liked. The final bankruptcy joins the debate over Chr├ętien's meant end, and proposes a climactic finishing within which Perceval, inheritor to the Grail country, confronts his double, Gawain, inheritor to Arthur's Logres.

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