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Hannah Wilde

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Monsters are available all styles and sizes, from lustful demons of the deep, to sexy creatures from one other international. this actual mega package deal collects six sinful stories of the most eldritch, strangest reptiles which are able to ravage whatever that crosses their course… All whilst!

These beastly violations should not for the faint of center. yet, in the event you love gangbangs, tough intercourse, double penetration, bukkake, and naturally, hardcore monster intercourse, then this mega package deal is for you!


With the kingdoms in disarray, a determined King Rollan reveals himself in ownership of a weapon which can thoroughly flip the stability of strength; six child dragons. regrettably, the one method of domesticating them is by way of first taming their wild sexual urge for food.

Lorren is a gorgeous blacksmith’s daughter who's summoned by way of the king suddenly. Lorren quickly learns that she by myself holds the most important that may shop the dominion, after first surviving a brutal dragon gangbang.


Holly is a hungry younger author making an attempt her top to navigate the short paced global of political journalism. With newspapers final left and correct, she must do something she will be able to to get prior to the curve, whether it skill following up on a tip in a notoriously risky a part of Washington DC.

But whilst the end seems to be the genuine deal, Holly fast unearths herself in too deep with a mysterious team of reptilian illuminati shapeshifters. quickly she unearths herself on the heart of a ruthless alien gangbang.


Lucy has been keen about the Loch Ness Monster ever because she used to be a bit woman, and now that she’s all grown up, Lucy unearths herself at the experience of a life-time trying to find the creature in Scotland.

After receiving and insider tip, Lucy camps out in a cove that's identified for sightings of the beast, but if she’s woke up via an odd noise it turns into very transparent that there might be multiple monster lurking within the lake.

Completely surrounded through attractive creatures, Lucy unexpectedly realizes that her obsession is greater than simply an blameless fable, it’s a recipe for a hardcore interspecies gangbang.


Despite being required to go through the deep Louisiana swamps all day, Lindsay loves her activity. There’s not anything really just like the thrill of getting to know a brand new species, and the main exciting of all will be to discover the Louisiana Lizard males. Too undesirable they’re purely legends.

But while an odd hillbilly indicates up at Lindsay’s study station hawking his own lizard guy attracting cocktail, the creatures quick turn into greater than simply people stories. quickly Lindsay unearths herself struggling with for survival in a ruthless lizard guy gangbang.


Beth loves exploring these not easy to discover classic outlets, feeling the frenzy each time she discovers a hidden gem one of the piles of wierd outdated junk. but if Beth takes domestic a field of small eco-friendly creatures from a mysterious intercourse room, she could have gotten greater than she bargained for.

It’s too undesirable she by no means learn the directions, simply because after catching a glimpse of Beth’s on-line porn, the creatures start speedily turning out to be in measurement. Beth quickly learns that reversing the method is more durable, and extra hardcore, than she ever imagined.

Soon adequate, Beth unearths herself on the heart of a ruthless gremlin gangbang.


When Courtney will pay for a guided song alongside the Amazon river, she expects the advisor to truly understand the place he’s going. regrettably, even though, it’s no longer lengthy prior to their complete team is misplaced within the dense jungle.

Even the guide’s tales of ferocious, intercourse crazed dinosaurs doesn’t lighten the temper, but if Courtney encounters a whole pack of the raptors herself, discovering a fashion house is the very last thing on her brain.

Now Courtney is the center piece of a hardcore raptor gangbang, yet merely time will inform if carnal excitement is sufficient to satiated the starvation of those risky beasts.

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