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Mahabharata: The Condensed model of the World's maximum Epic

As the divinely appealing Draupadi rose from the hearth, a voice rang out from the heavens foretelling a negative future. “She will reason the destruction of numerous warriors.” And so starts the most fantastic tales of all time.

Mahabharata plunges us right into a wondrous and old global of romance and event. during this interesting new rendition of the well known vintage, Krishna Dharma condenses the epic right into a fast paced novel that totally keeps the majestic temper of the unique.

A strong and relocating story, it recounts the background of the 5 heroic Pandava brothers and their celestial spouse. Cheated in their state and despatched into exile by means of their green with envy cousins, they trigger on a desirable trip during which they stumble upon mystical sages, amazing kings, and a bunch of gods and demons. Profound religious issues underline the mesmerizing narrative, making it one of many world’s so much respected texts. Culminating in an apocalyptic struggle, Mahabharata is a masterpiece of suspense, intrigue, and illuminating knowledge.

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