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From Shenadoah to Silent evening, and notable Grace to Wabash Cannonball, virtually each harmonica tune turns into bluesy if you happen to play it in moment place. during this new booklet and CD, Jon notates and performs the melodies of virtually a hundred nice public area songs within the kind each one loves the simplest: moment place blues harp. at the 73-minute CD SongTeacher, Jon demonstrates each one tune, utilizing a number of embouchures, bends, pull-offs, pull-ons, vibrato, hand flutters, rhythmic chugging, tongue-blocking, octaves and tongue-slaps, 1st, second, third, 4th, fifth and twelfth positions, to make those tunes come alive within the language of the blues harp. This software is designed to be a coaching handbook for harp avid gamers and a source of rules and songs to final a life-time.

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