This week I discovered biodiesel.

I used to think that switching to non-petroleum fuels would require a significant amount of mechanical work, risk, and expense. It looks like I was wrong on all counts! Biodiesel burns very much like regular diesel and is available at a few select gas stations.

On Wednesday I found a gas station near our place that sells biodiesel. It comes out of a brand-new pump and doesn't require any modifications to my car to burn cleanly. (Older cars might require new hoses, but my '02 VW Golf does not). Best of all Irving's fuel is 15 cents cheaper than the "dinosaur diesel" I usually buy from Mobil!

There's a hierarchy in the biodiesel world based on the percentage of biodiesel (versus "dino-diesel") in your tank. On Wednesday I'll try another gas station that sells B100, or 100% biodiesel.

Biodiesel veterans tell me that when I first convert, the fuel's solvency might dislodge any gunk in my tank and clog my filter. I'll be ready with some spares.

To learn more about zero-petroleum, zero-sulfur burning biodiesel, check out